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Heritage breed, Pasture Raised.
Our heritage pure-bred Gloucestershire Old Spots hogs are raised outdoors on pasture, where they spend their days foraging our mineral-rich fields and rooting around for grubs, insects, acorns, chestnuts, and mushrooms. Our hogs enjoy a full life outdoor. They get plenty of sunshine, exercise, and fresh air. We do not feed or inject our hogs with any antibiotics, or hormones. We do not use, fungicides, de-wormers, or any other type of pharmaceuticals.

Our Gloucestershire Old Spots piglets are pasture-raised and given no antibiotics or growth hormones. They are weaned after 2 months of age and then maintain a diet of what they forage from the pastures, and woods as well as being supplemented with feed. The pigs are moved to fresh pasture every week during the growing season.  

*Our pork is not lean and generally has more lard.

What is Heritage Pork?

This refers to meat from pigs that are the offspring of original, or heritage, breeds. Uniquely flavored, textured, colored, and fatty acid-rich meat is classified as Heritage pork. Due to higher fat content and more intense flavor, this type of pork is typically marketed as Heritage Pork, which has to be raised traditionally. This entails raising them outdoors in larger paddocksto give them more freedom. What this results in is pork that has more marbling than regular pork and so has a richer flavor. Additionally, heritage pork also has a longer shelf life than traditional commercial pork, and has more nutrients,

The Different Types Of Heritage Pork?

Heritage Pork has a variety of different types such as American and EuropeanHeritage Pork. American Heritage Pork comes from American-bred hogs that have a mix of heritage breeds, such as the Large Black, Berkshire, Hampshire, Red Wattle, and Tamworth. When it comes to the types of Heritage Pigs you might want to serve for your loved ones, it's always important to consider how the animal was raised. At our online store, we carry different varieties ofHeritage Pork. This type of pork goes into all of our products. We have bacon, pork chops, ham, ribs, and so much more! We make sure to source our Heritage Pork from sustainable farms and ranches, where animals can roam free. By implementing these practices, we're sure you only receive high-quality pork.

Get the Best Heritage Pork in Crossville Tennessee?

If you’re looking for the best heritage pork in Crossville Tennessee, you’ve come to the right place! Heritage pork is special because it is produced from breeds of pigs that were raised centuries ago. These heritage breeds are known for their unique flavors and textures, as well as their ability to produce high-quality pork. Crossville Tennessee is home to some of the best heritage pork available in the United States. Our store prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and offers dishes with unique flavors and textures that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for the best heritage pork in Crossville Tennessee, there are plenty of options. Whether you want to cook it up at home or eat out, you won’t be disappointed with the options available in Crossville Tennessee.

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