About Franklin Harvest

We are a retail produce and meat market committed to quality and intergrity in raising our livestock and growing our vegetables. Franklin beyond organic means developing synergistic relationships between animals, plants and soil life. The improving genetics and habitat result in better land, and a healthier means of nourishment for ourselves. All while reducing the need for herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

We partner with other high quality focused farmers to bring a wider selection of fare.

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From our local farms to your doorstep

At Franklin Harvest, we believe in bringing quality to your doorstep. Our high quality, Beyond Organic, pasture-raised, pork and vegetables can be delivered straight to your home through one of our subscription packages. Let us know how we can help simplify your dinner plans.

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Franklin Tomatoes

Our tomatoes are grown using minimal amount of herbicide, pesticide, and fungicide (including organic). When you spray using with these chemicals, you also kill the symbiotic life along with the parasitic life. Most life in nature is symbiotic, so we are often doing more harm than good by spraying.

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