About us


We are a retail produce and meat market committed to quality and intergrity in raising our livestock and growing our vegetables. Franklin beyond organic means developing synergistic relationships between animals, plants and soil life. The improving genetics and habitat result in better land, and a healthier means of nourishment for ourselves. All while reducing the need for herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

We partner with other high quality focused farmers to bring a wider selection of goods.

  • How are our pigs different?

    Our Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs are pasture raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. They are weaned after 2 months of age and then maintain a diet of what they forage from the pastures, and woods and supplemental grain feed. They live in a low stress environment and are rotated to fresh pastures every week during growing season, they are living the life they were designed for.

  • Amazing flavor built in - Our pigs are raised on a mixture of pasture, and woods creating a diverse, mineral rich, diet. We specifically select our breeds for optimal flavor and a higher quality of fat. We allow our pigs to live out in the pasture longer so they have more time to reach maturity before processing.

  • Developing healthy plants with natural immunity

    Our tomatoes are grown using minimal amount of herbicide, pesticide, and fungicide (including organic). When spraying these chemicals, this can negatively effect symbiotic life along with the parasitic life. Most life in nature is symbiotic, so we are often doing more harm than good by spraying.

  • Grown in living soil - When you feed the soil life, the soil life feeds the plant. This creates healthier plants, in turn, creating healthier fruit. This also improves the soil profile as opposed to depleting it, reducing over fertilizing and run off. Most importantly this creates complex flavor profiles.

    Select genetics for flavor - We balance shelf life, yield, and flavor together for the best possible experience.