Franklin Pork - Heritage Breed, Pasture Raised.

Our heritage pure-bred Gloucestershire Old Spots hogs are raised outdoors on pasture, where they spend their days foraging our
mineral-rich fields, and rooting around for grubs, insects, acorns, chestnuts, and mushrooms. Our hogs enjoy a full life outdoor.
They get plenty of sunshine, exercise, and fresh air. We do not feed or inject our hogs with any antibiotics, or hormones. We do not
use, fungicides, de-wormers, or any other type of pharmaceuticals.

Amazing Flavor built in - Our pigs are raised on a mixture of pasture, and woods creating a diverse, mineral rich, diet. We
specifically select our breeds for optimal flavor and a higher quality of fat. We allow our pigs to live out in the pasture longer so
they have more time to reach maturity before processing.

*Our pork is not lean and generally has more lard.

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Franklin Tomatoes - Beyond organic. Flavor rich.

Our tomatoes are grown using minimal amount of herbicide, pesticide, and fungicide (including organic). When you spray using with these chemicals, you also kill the symbiotic life along with the parasitic life. Most life in nature is symbiotic, so we are often doing more harm than good by spraying.

Grown in living soil - When you feed the soil life, the soil life feeds the plant. This creates healthier plants, in turn, creating
healthier fruit. This also improves the soil profile as opposed to depleting it, reducing over fertilizing and run off. Most importantly this creates complex flavor profiles, what the French call “terroir”

Select genetics for flavor - We balance shelf life, yield, and flavor together for the best possible customer experience.

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From our local farms to your doorstep.

At Franklin Harvest, we believe in bringing quality to your doorstep. Our high quality, Beyond Organic, pasture-raised, pork and vegetables can be delivered straight to your home through one of our subscription packages. Let us know how we can help simplify your dinner plans.

  • Premium Ground Meat Mix and Match -Starting at $58/month

    • Pork breakfast sausage
    • Ground pork
    • Ground beef
    • Ground lamb

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  • TomatoesPlus, Pork Roasts and RealFat - $79/month.

    • Discounts on all listed products.

    • Exclusive access to members only product offerings.

    • Monthly basket of Franklin tomatoes starting late spring through the fall.

    • Samplings of our in-season vegetables that are currently available at the farm

    • 40 lbs of pork roasts and ground meat per year.

    • 30 lbs of pig fat per year.

    • 30 lbs of beef tallow per year.

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  • Artisan 7 Star Service - $300 /month

    Your fully customizable fare from East TN farms shipped to you every 3 weeks.

    • Franklin tomatoes starting late spring through the fall.

    • In-season vegetables at your request.

    • Mix and match your shipments, with up to 25 lbs of high quality meat.

    • Access to farm.

    • Special orders shipped on demand.

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Half Custom Butchered Hog

½ Hog Custom Butcher Lard Pig (fatter than the grocery) - $5.5 per lb Hanging plus $150 Butcher Fee. (90lbs hanging = At least 65lbs of eating meat). Vacuum sealed Bacon, Ground meat, roasts, bone in thick grilling cuts. You call sausage ratio from 10%-30%. Farm Pick up only

$5.55/lb hanging weight due at pickup minus preorder 100$ deposit.